In this section we proudly feature artists, who’re using Transformizer as a preferred tool, for various tasks in sound design for film, game sound, music, sample creation, wave table design, VR./AR. etc.

David Farmer


“Transformizer was a vital tool for generating lots of material ( ed. for Avengers – Infinity War.) I spent a couple of days, at least, just recording out take after take of interesting unique sounds.  These were used to make the Q-Ship, to spark energies, to traveling mystical sounds for the Infinity Stones and the gauntlet, as well as as lots of others.  I’d fire up Transformizer with a sound in mind, and a couple of hours later have a host of other cool sounds I didn’t expect to make.  What a great, fun, and useful tool to have!”

Award winning supervising sound editor, sound designer and re-recording mixer working out of Skywalker Sound. David Farmer was born and raised in Virginia and sound captured his interest as a young boy.  He moved to the Los Angeles area in 1992 and in 1996 began Sound Designing at Skywalker Sound. The crazy list of films he’s worked on says it all. The Arrival, Armageddon, Con Air, Space Cowboys, The 13th Warrior. He has worked on numerous blockbusters such as Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, The Hobbit trilogy, Marvel’s Ant-ManAvengers – Infinity War and the list goes on.

Julian Slater


“Transfomizer really has opened up my creative workflow, to allow new possibilities that I feel were not available to me beforehand. I love it, when something like this comes along and we, as a sound community, all feel like a breath of fresh air has arrived. I love working with this piece of software because I find it extremely intuitive.”

Julian Slater is an award winning sound designer, mixer and supervisor. His work spans multiple genres and styles of feature films. His credits include Baby Driver, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Bad Times At The El Royale, Mad Max: Fury Road, Men In Black International and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Tim Nielsen


“It’s rare today to find a plugin that is genuinely new, that does something you’ve never heard before.
Transformizer is that plugin. It opens up an entirely new way of manipulating sound.”

Award winning supervising sound editor, sound designer and re-recording mixer working out of Skywalker Sound. The impressive list of films he’s worked on includes Pirates of the Caribbean, Galaxy Quest, Hellboy, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Indiana Jones, John Carter, Maleficent, Star Wars, Han Solo, The little Prince and many others. In addition to his film work, he’s an avid sound effects recordist and enjoys writing about and teaching others about sound effects recording and design.

Robert Stambler


“You’ve really made an amazing tool – can’t wait to share my creations with it with the world!”

A second-generation sound designer who began his showbiz career as a film projectionist in high school. After working in post-production in the picture editorial department he moved into the world of sound  while working at J.J. Abrams’ company Bad Robot. Stambler’s resume includes Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Cloverfield Paradox, Venom, Overlord, Star Wars – Episode 9 and the upcoming Venom2.

Carsten Rojahn


“Transformizer is an addiction! So much fun. Thanks, guys.”

Multi-award nominated sound designer working primarily in the production of sound effects for video games. Recognized by audio organizations GANG, MPSE, DICE and NAMM TEC for his work on the video game titles: The Order 1886 and Destiny 2.

Works with video game developers around the globe with the mission to drive innovation in the field of game audio. Born in Germany, Carsten moved to the US in 2012 to work with Ready at Dawn Studios in California. Right now, Carsten is in Seattle, Washington with Bungie Inc. (creators of Halo) as a sound designer working on the Destiny franchise. (Activision-Blizzard).

Selected sound design credits include:

Destiny 2 (Activision-Blizzard), Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris (Activision-Blizzard), Destiny 2 Warmind (Activision-Blizzard), Destiny 2 Forsaken (Activision-Blizzard), The Order 1886 (Sony). Lone Echo (Oculus VR)
Hitman: Absolution (Square Enix)

Eilam Hoffman


“Transformizer is great and fun to use. It speeds up my workflow, and allows me to combine and audition several sounds with different frequencies. I can test what works and what doesn’t in real time and quickly replace sounds to try different ideas.”

“Transformizer has been very useful to create creatures, and animals vocals, as well as magic sounds.”

Bright, Dunkirk, The Legend of Tarzan, Gravity, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Theory of Everything, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Transformers: The Last Knight.

Ken McGill


“Transformizer is incredible!  It’s about the only thing I’ve found that can successfully blend or morph multiple sound sources into a single cohesive sound.”

Ken is working in the LA Area. A formally trained musician, Ken began working in post-production about 10 years ago in the Dallas, TX area. He then moved onto larger network TV programs and documentaries in the Washington, DC area before relocating to Los Angeles. He’s worked on projects like Channel Zero, War for The Planet of the Apes, The Cloverfield Paradox, Upgrade, Overlord, and most recently Venom.

David Esparza


“The innovative workflow and powerful processing abilities of Transformizer, allows for a unique, uninterrupted, and exciting experience that can yield endless possibilities of sonic exploration.”

A graduate from the University of Texas in Austin, David is a 2 time Emmy award winning sound designer, supervising sound editor, and re-recording mixer, in Los Angeles California. Also a musician, composer, and music producer. Some of his work includes:  The Girl in the Spider’s Web, The Magnificent Seven, Donnie Darko, Shooter, True Detectives, Flatliners, The OA,, Southpaw, The Equaliser, Phone Booth, Olympus Has Fallen, The Resident, 1 Hour Photo etc.

Joseph Fraioli


“Transformizer is an awesome tool and among other things  I use it for adding texture to a sound, where it can deliver anything from subtle to completely over the top extreme. It always surprises me how Transformizer can output the utterly unexpected and is an amazing inspiration for a new direction in sound design from an original palette of sound you are working with.”

Joseph Fraioli is a multi-talented audio post-production professional  who currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he operates his sound design studio, Jafbox Sound.

He served as sound designer and supervising sound editor for the highly-anticipated, sci-fi action film, Kin, the short film Bag Man, Refuge, the short film Wasted Beauty, the action crime drama Dirty LiesConcrete Underground and A Walk Into a Split Mind. And in commercials for clients such as Google, Nike, IBM, PlayStation, Budweiser, and Delta. He also designed for installations including Kanye West’s Cruel Summer, Lady Gaga for Polaroid, Chanel’s No.5 In A New Light, the Glade Museum of Feelings, and Sonos’ Sounds of NYC.

Morten Trøst


“Transformizer BASIC is amazing. Using it, I can create interesting textures and layers on all kinds of instruments and other sources. Used discretely it makes otherwise traditional sounding recordings special and interesting and if you want to you can also go nuts with it and create sounds that you’ve never heard before! I love it”

With more than 50 releases and remixes on labels such as Universal, EMI, Polygram, Strictly Rhythm, Soulfuric, Swing City, Mn2S, Pacha, Purple and his own Soulmagic Recordings, Morten is a well known producer in the international house community.
Along the way his productions have gained him a #1 spot in DJ Magazines famous Hype Chart, 4 DDJA awards, 2 gold records and the opportunity to remix for international stars like Barry White, Jocelyn Brown, Jon Cutler and many others.
In his Copenhagen based studio he also records and mixes artists and bands of nearly all genres.

Chuck Hammer


“After a quick introduction to Transformizer, I began testing it with acoustic and electric guitars. I must admit I was a bit stunned by how immediate and interesting the sonic results were. 
The interface is set up in a very intuitive manner and honestly it was not long before my head was filled with a range of ALBUM possibilities.
I absolutely love TRANSFORMIZER.”

American guitarist and soundtrack composer, known for textural guitar work with Lou Reed, David Bowie, and Guitarchitecture. Well known for his Guitarchitecture recording and widely regarded as a leading NYC based soundtrack composer, having scored approximately 300 documentary films. He is currently developing a series of improvisational textural guitar recordings.

Kai Paquin


“Transformizer is one of the most revolutionary plugins I’ve used in years, being able to re sculpt sounds to take on the characteristics of a whole different sound in seconds makes it a powerful tool in my arsenal”

Kai is working for Lime Sound Design (LSD) a division of Lime Studios, Santa Monica.

Joel Waters


“I get absolutely AMAZING textures and movement out of Transformizer and I’ve loved having Lars visit us in LA to demo the features throughout development…  I cant wait to see where else this goes!”

Working out of LIME Studios in Santa Monica, Joel has done sound design and mix of literally hundreds of TV adds for brands like Pepsi, Marvel, Toyota, Miller, Cisco, Chevy, Nintendo web the list goes on and on and on……..



“The diversity and quirkiness of the Transformizer gives it an unique feeling that brings back the adventure of producing.”

Nonsens, made up of Anton, Jens and Rasmus have left their mark on both the Danish and American electronic music scene. A group of childhood friends from Bornholm developed into something greater when their remix of M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” was kicked off with support from none other than Jay-Z and his Roc Nation label and earned them support of 1 million plays right off the bat.
Recently they have released the co-produced track “Jump” on the latest Major Lazer EP, co-produced for the upcoming RL Grime album and released tunes on Mad Decent, Barong Family and TWONK. Progressing their sound and working on their brand, Nonsens is dedicated to bringing together the best of both of their musical backgrounds and exposing their talent on a global scale.

Mathias Savery


“Transformizer is in a way a synthesizer, but instead of oscillators, you’ve got .wav files. 
The great thing about it, is the many parameters that can all be controlled in real time, just like a synth. It’s possible to conjure up unique sounds, that no one thought of before, and that no one’s ever heard. To come up with your own original sounds that haven’t been heard before, that’s essentially what you’re after as a composer.” 

Using his piano, synthesizer and computer, Mathias’ interest lies in the meeting between acoustic and electronic sounds. For him it’s about breaking rules and having fun.
Whether he makes intimate acoustic piano recordings, ambient analog synth works or an epic orchestral score, his music always inherits his own unique DNA. “If I only had two words to describe my music, I would say cinematic and emotional.”

Gregor Quendel


“Transformizer is one of these rare plugins that don’t just have an exciting concept, but are also inspiring to use. The sound quality of all 4 algorithms is especially convincing, which makes it easy and enjoyable to come up with new, interesting and useful textures and sounds. It has become one of my go-to plugins for every new project as a starting point, because it performs very well as a creative sound design tool.”

Sound designer from Berlin, releasing sample libraries, for which he is always looking for new ways to explore, discover and create unique sounds.

Peter Albrechtsen


Award winning Danish sound designer, mixer and music supervisor. Recent credits include Generation Wealth, The Distant Barking of Dogs, Thelma and sound effects recording for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and earlier this year,  nominated for three MPSE Golden Reel Awards. Peter has written about music and movies for different Danish and international magazines and has been lecturing about sound design around the world.